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II met Edwin in June 18, 2020 when I went to the Southern California Happy Neighborhood Project Online Meeting. He had announced that he needed 1 more co-host for Southern California. I decided to put in my application. Later, I found out I would be on the waiting list to be a co-host if new chapter of Southern California opened up. July 13, I became a fill-in co-host then became permanent co-host the following week of the Southern California Happy Neighborhood Project. Happy Neighborhood Project network I get to talk about my Cybersecurity, Cloud Back up.

A little bit about HNP:

Back in 2009 at the height of the recession, Chief  Happiness Officer of the Happy Neighborhood Project, Edwin went out on the streets to talk to people about happiness to shift people's mind from all of the negativity to something positive. He interviewed over 1,000 people about happiness.

From there Edwin started the I Am Happy Project, which focuses on spreading happiness to individuals. In 2014, Edwin's work was recognized at the United Nations for what he does for global happiness and he was invited to do a TEDx Talk.

The Happy Neighborhood Project (HNP) is the Happiest place for businesses. Business owners can find Happy Businesses to do business with, attend free online networking events, and get resources to help their business. Because of Covid-19, we have decided to take our work of spreading happiness to the business community. 

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